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शेर का बच्चा भी हो सकता है जानलेवा

Journalist mauled after entering lion's enclosure
“You'd better put on an old jumper as you might get some blood on it,” said our driver, with a grin, as we clambered into the Land Rover to visit the lion sanctuary at Legends resort, deep in Limpopo Province, in the far north of South Africa.

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HIGHLIGHT: कहानी ब्रिटिश अखबार डेली टेलिग्राफ़ के पत्रकार स्टार्मर स्मिथ की है जिस पर एक शेर का बच्चा “मप्पीमपन” हमला कर देता है। ये हमला तब होता है जब स्मिथ उस शेर के बच्चे को प्यार कर रहा होता है और उसका दोस्त इस दृश्य को शूट कर रहा होता है। ये कहानी बताती है कि शेर का मासूम बच्चा भी कितना खतरनाक हो सकता है, विजुअल इफोक्टिव है और स्टोरी जानदार।

A JOURNALIST sent to a wildlife park to “play” with a one-year-old lion bit off more than he could chew – which is almost what the animal did with him. British reporter Charles Starmer Smith was allowed into the cage of one-year-old lion Mapimpan, whose name means “little baby”, and was subsequently mauled by the animal while its trainer tried to calm it down. Starmer Smith, a journalist working for UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, watched as Mapimpan locked its jaws around one of his legs before targeting his face.The lion had to make do with the journalist’s shoulder after Starmer Smith threw his arms up to protect his head.

Video footage of the attack and it’s aftermath shows the journalist’s skin punctured in several places.Starmer Smith had travelled to the South African park to present travel videos about the country, and he said he was warned of the risk of injuries if he went into the cage.He said he was rubbing the lion’s belly when it decided to bite his leg.

“It rose on to its haunches, towering above me and I was spun into a waltz with a 300lb (136kg) predator – as I pushed desperately at its throat to keep away its jaws,” Starmer Smith said.”This did not feel like playing.”He said that the lion appeared to have calmed down – before rising for Round 2.

“(It) was on me again, its teeth bared as it lunged towards my neck. I raised my forearm to divert its jaws from my face, then felt razor-sharp teeth ripping into my shoulder.
“The next few seconds were a blur of claws, teeth and shouts as I stumbled around, helpless against the power of this animal.”He required stitches for his injuries.

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सनकी पायलट की कारगुज़ारी..

Police: Pilot used plane to stalk ex-girlfriend
Calif. man is arrested after her neighborhood was buzzed

HIGHLIGHT: कांकर्ड (कलिफोर्निया) –24, सितंबर : एक ऐसे पायलट प्रेमी की कहानी जो अपने एक्स गर्ल फ्रेंड को परेशान करने के इरादे से उसके घर के उपर काफ़ी नजदीक से हवाई-जहाज उड़ाता था। लड़की के मुहल्ले वालों ने जहाज के शोर से परेशान होकर पुलिस में शिकायत दर्ज़ करवा दी। नतीजतन पायलट को गिरफ्तार कर लिया गया।

CONCORD, Calif. - Police have arrested a pilot who they say stalked his ex-girlfriend by repeatedly flying his plane low over her house. Police in Concord, in northern California, say Tom Huey made several low passes over a residential neighborhood Wednesday evening. Sgt. Tiffiny Leftwich told the Contra Costa Times that a dozen residents called police to complain. Huey was arrested shortly after landing the Beech single-engine aircraft. Leftwich says police have been investigating reports of a low-flying plane in the area for more than a year. Huey's girlfriend filed for a restraining order last year, but he was not served until Wednesday afternoon. Huey is being held on $155,000 bail on suspicion of felony stalking and violating a restraining order.
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तोप के मुंह में जोकर

Cannonball man falls short

Highlight: कोलंबियन सर्कस के जोकर की कहानी, तोप से उड़ाया गया, लेकिन धोखे से चट्टान पर गिर गया।
Sep. 22 - A cannonball man at a Colombian circus in Cali was seriously injured after the stunt went awry and he landed short of his target net.
The freak accident was caught on camera and showed the exact moment when performer Israel Gaska was shot out of the cannon and plummeted to the ground after he failed to reach his target.
According to doctors, Gaska fractured several bones after he fell from a 20-meter height and would remain in the hospital under observation for at least a week.

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